Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Some more fashion shots taken in our local park. Really blessed in Australia to have such beautiful park areas and trees' to take pictures in, to walk our dog and to simply relax. 

This little outfit here I bought in Thailand, the dress, I think was around 200 Baht (which once converted I think roughly is around $6 AU) and the belt was from the second hand shop. While the hat, which I personally think looks very rustic in the "Aussie Outback" was around $10 from TEMT.

Personally loving Melbourne weather at the moment, my favourite part of the day is probably the cool change at night when it's not too chilly to walk around.

Well, Vess and I have been so blessed to have spent the day yesterday catching up with dear friends. 
Friends from highschool and new friends. It's one of the best feelings to be able to meet up with people who you haven't seen for a while yet still be able to catch up where you left off. 

On another note, anyone have any good blog suggestions?

Need to re enter into the blogger sphere of things to increased motivation, inspiration and maybe collaborations! 

-keep stylish-


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