Sunday, September 30, 2012


As promised, here are some of the photos from our recent shoot with our lovely friend Nina. All the clothes in the following posts are hers and the makeup done by our lovely friend Lina.

Had alot of fun taking these shots, cause Nina was up for anything! She is such a beautiful person and so encouraging and enthusiastic. Courage and committement to the shoot is all you can ask from a model/fellow collaborator. Everything runs so much smoother when all parties are enthusiastic and on the same wave length.

The last photo is probably my most favourit our of all of them. 

Presenting Nina

-keep stylish-


Friday, September 28, 2012


Well, after the engagement party last Sunday, we quickly ducked into the woods (more like densely planted trees in the park) to take some fashion photos. I'm trying out different photography styles to try and broaden my own skills and to broaded our photography genres. There are many different styles of photography and editing, I think our style is quite, vintage retro/fashion photography. 

The dress Vess is wearing is actually from her trip in Prato. Could be from Paris, if I'm not mistaken, probably bought at one of the many vintage markets which she adventured to. The material of the dress is so nice and light, perfect for the occasional Melbournian Spring and sunny day. I say occassional, because it seems Melbourne likes to give sun then make you appreciate the sun more, but giving drastic rain straight afterwards. (Thus, I don't believe I will be packing away my winter jumpers soon!)

We did a photoshoot with one of our wondeful friends this morning. Two words, rain and wet. Being the driven individual that I am, I was set on getting the shoot done, the results of which, I am quite happy with. Nina (stylish and model) was so lovely to shoot with, she is such fun to be around and just oozes with niceness, prettiness and enthusiam. 

Pics will be up soon! (hopefully, dependent on how much time vess has for editing)

And another note, we've created a website and a facebook page!

Would love to keep you guys updated, so do 'like' us for more pics and updates! 

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Photos taken (in order):
1. Citycircle tram 2-4. StateLibrary 5.hmm..not sure 6.St Paul's cathedral 

I'm heading off to the city today, to relax, spend some time with friends, and to do one of my most favourite things; explore the wonderful nooks and hidden places in Melbourne. I know, some of my friends from the more, hectic and busy cities (HongKong, KL etc.), consider Melbourne quite mundane (in comparison). But I personally just love travelling through the city side streets, discovering unexplored places and especially experiencing cafes and many of their beautiful interiors and designs.

Can't wait to show you guys some more pics from our adventures around and about, and letting you guys know more of my favourite places. 

Some fashion posts up soon, and thanks to all of our friends who 'liked' our fb page v&v. Really, really, feel so blessed and appreciate the support! 

Isn't the city beautiful?

As much as you guys are! 

-keep exploring-


Sunday, September 23, 2012


Hello there lovely friends! 

So today we are having a bit of a D I Y post, which is actually quite overdue. But no worries! 
So a while ago Val decided that it was high time to do up her room. She had inspiration boards and everything. One thing that she had her heart set on was a set of vintage furniture and everything white!
So without a further ado, check these out!

Wow wow wow! What do you think of the transformation? Mum and Val found the furniture at a local Salvos and with a bit of time and elbow grease they turned out great!

I think that one feature that was gorgeous has to be the lovely handles on the cabinets!

With all the hard  work with the paint, a sander and time. Val eventually got her drawers all painted and they make a great addition to her room! 

By the way, been trying new things with curves and such on our photographs, so be expecting some experimental stuff coming from us soon. Feel free to ask any questions or give us your opinions!
Hope you had a great weekend enjoying the sun sun sun! 

keep "d-i-ying"!

Saturday, September 22, 2012


As promised, here are some pictures of Vess and her artwork (literally together!), just some shots taken from my phone in the morning before she has to hand it in. I really cannot believe she gets to do this for uni (for those who don’t know, Vess is currently studying graphic design). She has such amazing talent and I am always in awe that she can paint up something as majestic as this, in less than 4 fours. (that is, if she is really focused!)

A bit tired today, very worn out from the past few days, with photoshoots, photography, posing and editing. This morning we had a great time being the ‘unofficial’ engagement party photographers for “J & R”, Jon and Ruth. We did the photo booth props again, gave the moustaches a dust off and made a few more ‘new’ props to coincide with the pastel theme of the soon to be, bride and groom.

Vess and I CAN NOT WAIT to show you pictures from the day and to share some of the new props we made!

Keep looking fellow friends!

Love you guys!

-keep crafty-


Thursday, September 20, 2012



One of my favourit songs by Colbie Caillat, 'Brighter than the Sun'.

"Oh, this is how it starts, lightning strikes the heart
It goes off like a gun, brighter than the sun
Oh, we could be the stars, falling from the sky
Shining how we want, brighter than the sun"
-Brighter than the Sun-
Colbie Caillat

It's been really amazing to see the overwhelming love and response to some of these photos and big picture stuff. You, my dear friends are such wonderful supportors and encouragement, which motivates to blog more frequently.

Just in the pass few days, I've had so many of our friends come up to me and tell us how much they love Big Picture Stuff and the fashion, ideas, photos etc. Makes me so pleased that you guys are interested and do enjoy our work! 

Mid semester Uni break and Australia school holidays are coming up, so hopefully I can stock up on photos for a few photo shoots in order to feature some more beautiful people in my life. This post marks the end of our Grandma dress series, and the posts of Beautiful Eva (only for now, will definately collab with her soon!) who is such a wonderful model and was so amazing to work with. 


This dress is a little bit different from the others, as the styling is less 'classic' vintage retro, but it has more of a sleek look to it. It astounds me, as to how these dresses still retain their quality, style and attractiveness despite being made nearly more than a decade ago. (I believe, the exculsion of shoulder pads may be a contributing factor!)

And thankyou again to all our new followers (those dear friends who I asked "FOLLOW US!" :D  when they commented that they enjoyed our blog) and for all the comments. I does send warm fuzzies in my tummy when we get a new follower!

Another note, you may have noticed the links to some new 'about/FAQ/contact page" haven't had the chance to update that, but will definately have those up and working soon.

enjoy your day, if it's raining, sunny, windy or snowing! 

and I bought a top from Zara yesterday! (IT HAS ZEBRAS ON IT!! SO IN LOVE!!!)

-keep stylish-


Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Set 3 of the Grandma dress series, this dress is probably one of my favourites, the diamond studs and the V design down the front, makes the dress look so classic and timeless. Sitting next to my friend, Nina at Uni, looking at these photos, she said "there's nothing grandma about these dresses", which is so true. 

Makes me question what type of clothes's I'm buying and if they will last decades (probably not, accounting for where they're from), and whether I'll be wearing them later on. I just bought a fluro yellow dress from portmans, ($30!), which came with a belt (score!), which I wonder, will I wear it again in three months time.....we'll see....

Hopefully I'll be able to finish showing you guys the final pictures from this series and them move on to some new work. (But I am secretly pleased, with the many pictures of Eva, in our posts, as she is SUCH a good looking individual!) 

I plan to take pictures of some of Vess' illustration work, I think she's a brilliant illustrator, and I haven't featured her artwork here! 

How have you enjoyed your week?

And on another note, I have discovered and made a new blogger friend, Man D.

Who you can check out here at her Blog, she has wonderful photography work and is quite the hit on instagram! 

-keep inpired-