Monday, January 23, 2012

//FLANNEL GRAPH bible stories

Hello friends! 

These shots were taken a while back when it was still in the winter season and Vess still had her somewhat Zooey Deschanel inspired hair cut.

These adorable CRE (Christian Religious Education) props of bits and pieces were obtained from our Church's archives which Mum brought home for us to have a look at. We had two boxes of basically ALOT of crafty goodness and old school props at our disposable. The original idea was to sort through all of them and keep pieces which we liked, but there was just TOO many to get through, so we ended up taking photos of a few cute ones.

What I love most about these props and pieces is the genuiness of them, that each piece has been hand painted with such detail to tell a beautiful story. I am also strangely drawn to the nice bold thick black outlines  on many of the pictures. 

Hope you enjoyed taking a look!

Just little ways Sunday teachers make the Bible come alive!

-keep smiling-


Friday, January 20, 2012


Just some more beachy photos for your enjoyment. Felt like revisiting some of our beach photography to remember what sunshine felt like. It's quite difficult to believe it's summer here in Melbourne, overcast, cloudy weather seems to stick to the weather forecast like glue!

Can't wait to show you some more dresses Mum's been making and projects we've been up to. (Some keep crafty posts are coming soon!)

Hope you've been enoying whatever weather has come your way, in your lovely home town, or whichever city you happen to be residing in!

-keep smiling-


Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Well this the final result of mum's many attempts at altering the dress! As you can see, ALOT of it was cut off and resuse/resown and altered! Originally mum wanted to keep the sleeves on the dress, but we found that when we lifted our arms up, the dress seemed a bit too short because the sleeves pulled the hemming up. Thus to solve the issue, our wonderful and ingenius mother, cut the sleeves, made them into pockets instead and added elastic around the waist to provide a bit more shape. 
Dress looks completely new/different! Have a go at doing some revamping some of your old clothes or second hand clothes, it's extremely rewarding and lets all the creative juices flow! 

I was listening to a podcast today, from Rick Warren, the author of A Purpose Driven Life, and he was commenting on creativity and innovation. That for every achivement there should be dozens or more mistakes, or 'almost wins' made. He highlighted the achievements of Albert Einstein, who attained such success while valueing the importance of making mistakes. 

"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new."
Albert Einstein
Hope you're enjoying the sunshine!
Try something new today! 

-keep stylish/crafty-


Thursday, January 12, 2012


This lovely little treasure of ours is a new addition to our family of thrifted and vintage clothes. Bought and found at a ms op shop in kew, we're planning on altering the dress to make it more.....wearable.

The prints on the dress is so beautiful and the neckline is extremely lovely. Obvious alterations that we're going to do are; cutting and hemming up the length, and maybe adjustibg the sleeves. I wish we could say that we're the crafty and talented one behind these diy pieces but its actually our amazing mother who has the wonderful skills of alterations and dress making.

 I love seeing her get super excited about sewing, cause shes so happy when shes doing what she loves and we get to wear more lovely dresses!!

 The altered, finished dress will be up soon!

 -keep stylish/ crafty-


Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Welcome treasured ones!
These holidays are passing by so swiftly. Soon uni will begin, and our second year of uni will commence. For many of us, one or two more years, and we'll be exploring this overwhelming world of endless possibilities and opportunities. Ah,  but until then, I'll sit tight and enjoy the sunshine while I can. 

Here's gorgeous Vess, wearing something very colour blockish and bright inspired. The skirt we bought from tempt for $10, the lace top is thirfted and the bag is vintage. I really love the red folds of the skirt (hence the above post title), gives it a slightly unbalanced, wispy, fantastical look. But what I love most about the outfit would have to be Vess' use of three primary colours; red, yellow, blue and white and black. 

She's the perfect base to create any masterpiece! 
Not sure if that made much sense. You tell me! heheh

hope you're enjoying these wintery summer days!

-keep stylish-


Friday, January 6, 2012


Hello Friends! 

We met a friend in our recent travels to Anglesea and beyond. Our eyes were drawn to the friendly bright red colour of his body and we were pleasently surprised to find that he also had a pair of inquisitive eyes and a sweet similing mouth. And soon enough we found this fellows name labelled clearly on his head. 

Say hello to Henry everybody!

We had seen pictures of this guy floating around the web, and to actually find not one, but TWO of these awesome vacumn cleaners, just blew our socks off! 

We want one! Would make our house cleaning just that bit more fun, as we tackle the dust with a smiling companion by our side. 

Hope you're enjoying the first few days of the New Year!

Happy 2012 everybody! 

-keep smiling-


Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Some more assorted photos from our adventures in the many beaches of Australia. 

Saw this wonderful place on our trip to Anglesea. We actually drove past really quickly and we both told and that we HAD to go back and to take a photo. Really loving the blue hues used and the font is simply amazing! 

Just looking at the simple colours sends tingles down my spine! Anyone else get a similar sort of feeling? 

What I really loved most was seeing this great use of design and space in quite an unexpected location. 
Just goes to show, that if you keep your eyes open, you may come across something unexpectedly wonderful! 

Sadly this quaint little Kiosk was closed, so we weren't able to glimpse the inside nor purchase any -icecream, cold drinks, coffee or hot & cold food!  
We were only there to admire.

-keep inspired-