Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Hi There Lovely Ones!

A continuation of images from St Kilda! Hope you enjoy these little slices from our life. Because we enjoy sharing them with you!

We encountered  a pretty awesome story when we were there. This restuarant apparently was burnt down recently. It was quite devastating (according to the sign I read!) for a number of people because of it's heritage and it's significance. So, a decision was made to rebuild the restuarant to exactly replicate the orginal, with a few modern additions, such as a new cafe and bar, but overall maintaining it's orginal key features. I love this story, because of people's love for heritage and how a place can provoke such strong emotions and feelings within people.  And I love the fusion of old and new ideas. 

2 more days of winter left! 


-keep inspired-


Saturday, August 27, 2011


Shoes: Famous Footwear
 Blouse: Thrifted
Backpack: Thrifted
Handbag: Strandbags
Cardigan: Thrifted
Shorts: Just Jeans
Necklace: Singapore
Scarf: mum!

So guys, like I said, we're really excited to show you the increased quality of our pictures! 

I picked Vess up from work  the other day and straight after, we went to the park and took some pictures (as you do on a regular autumn day!). I have to say the sun was just perfect for getting that awesome glow within the shots. 

The black backpack I bought from a local savers shop for $10. I was looking for a uni bag and found this one! Only problem is that the strapes are a tad too thin so I can't carry too much stuff inside (so not really ideal for all those uni books of mine!). One of the strapes actually broke one time. And just a hint for you guys , sowing leather with a regular sowing needle, not the best idea.  Yes, I bled for that bag.

Anywhos, another thing I love is the button detail on my blouse and my light blue nail polish which creates just that little bit more interest to my day.

Ah, it's the small simple things which make life wondeful!

And don't ask me why i'm carrying two bags, it just turned out that way. 

Have a fabulous weekend, 

you deserve it!

-keep stylish-



There's two ways you can see this:
Things happen that are relatively meant to be. Bakery, Bread, Time, Imagination.
Often in a bid to amuse oneself.

The bread came out of the oven and had a lot of emotions to share?

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Friday, August 26, 2011


Shoes: Collette
 Blouse: Malaysia
Skirt: Thrifted
Handbag: Mum's wardrobe
Jacket: Thrifted

Probably my most farvourite part of this outfit would be the blue bag. Mum told me that it was a gift to her from her dad when she was younger. And i'm so happy she kept it. Apparently she asked him to buy her something colourful and he bought...THIS glorious, bright, beautiful and stunning blue bag. 

Hello dear readers, Vess here! Yes, I illustrated my sister's clothes! (finally!) Didn't she look stunning that day? I couldn't resist sketching her outfit, primarily because she looked so cute and she never wears skirts! So you, our beloved readers get to see this illustration AND Val wearing something new.

Hope you all have a lovely day and do something different, Val did. :)

-keep stylish-


Thursday, August 25, 2011


Well, like I said last post (which was like a week ago, sorry guys!), we have some exciting news and new addition to the Big Picture Stuff family, and that is.....a DSLR camera!!!! Wooho!! 

As Vess put it: nice camera= better photos=better blog posting! 

And I have to agree, having a DSLR camera has it's advantages. It's ability to capture depth of field, it's stunning quality and it's a great way to capture priceless moments within our family. I have to admit, it does take a while and the courage to experiment and get use to all the functions on the camera. I spent a good couple of days reading the manuel on the bus to and from uni. Like they say, it's always good to read the manuel. 

So in order to test out our camera and our (more like 'it's') skills, we took a stroll along St. Kilda beach and enjoyed the sun, blue skies, gorgeous scenery and 20 degree weather. 

here's a sample of what we saw!

Can't wait to show you guys more photos from our day! 

And if you're wondering, our dad bought a........ Canon camera.

 (tehe, Sorry Nikon lovers!)

-keep smiling-


Thursday, August 18, 2011


Project: Showing appreciation and gratitude
Aim: To appreciate those special people who  showed us kindness and care in our time of need
Materials: Coloured card, White Paper, Drawing, Glue, Printer

Recently, I felt the urge to thank more people in our life, who went out of their way to show us some sacrificial and Jesus love. These friends of ours; cooked, supported, encouraged and cared for us so much while our Mum was in Malaysia after our grandfather's funeral and I thought it was only appropiate to show our love and gratitude.

I've been thinking about this card design for a long time but never got around to printing/cutting and making it. I am quite proud to say everything is hand made, including the scrabble pieces print, which I drew and printed on the card. It was very fun, fun, fun, fun to make!

And inside each card I drew a unique hand drawn message in each. Like the following...

Thankyou fellow blog readers for your love!

Hope you enjoyed our Brisbane photos and adventures! 

 Here's some exciting news: When our parents came back from Malaysia they brought home a new gadget/tool for us!

starts with a C.....ends with ...RA

-keep crafty-